My Therapy Space a self hosted solution

Can virtual reality and virtual world space be used for counselling and psychotherapy practice? Is there an Open Source solution for therapists to deploy themselves that meets the requirements of privacy and confidentiality needed for therapy practice? and if so what would that stack look like?

  • Develop and deploy an online therapy and supervisory services and training using virtual worlds as the location for this training
  • Introduce key concepts for online and virtual practice, research and ethics in virtual and online spaces meeting up with fellow learning for collaborative learning sessions together regularly over the course of the training
  • Provide ethical and affirmative online therapy for the LGBTQ community

Most online therapy and supervisory training occurs on websites, my aim is to draw on the strengths of distance learning combined with the immediacy and presence of virtual environments.

Using a combination of Blooms taxonomy to design the syllabus, activity based and constructivist teaching paradigms to development learning environments and activities to provide a structured online therapy skills training and provide a structured support to facilitate learning.

With more and more computer mediated environments therapists should explore the uses for therapy practice, training and research.


Using the affordances of virtual worlds to develop the online therapists self, in collaboration with other therapists, supervisors and trainers.


Hypergrid address: training

MTS (My Therapy Space) Training currently occupies a 512×512 var region on the OpenSim Life grid. This is my OpenSim grid where I developed two of the regions for my Masters in Education in Virtual worlds.

© Leighton Marjoram MA

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